Creative Project: Eli’s 1st Birthday Party Scrapbook

Why do I love baby Eli? Well because he is adorable of course! Eli is the son of my good friend and colleague Christina. Christina and her husband Mike call  him “little man” because he looks like a mini grown up, especially when he’s all dressed up in little sweater vests and khakis! :)

Last March I attended Eli’s first birthday party back in Ohio. I took some photos and promised Christina I would make a birthday scrapbook for him. Well…here I am…one full year later (he just celebrated his second birthday last week) and I’m just now getting the scrapbook done (oops!). What’s that saying again? Oh yeah…better late than never, right!? ;)

Tools I used for this project:

  • Blue 8×8 scrapbook
  • Colored stock paper
  • “Boy” themed stickers
  • Paper cutter (one of my favorite things in the whole world)
  • “Boy” themed 8×8 scrapbook paper
  • My p.c. and paper for photo editing, photo printing and text printing
  • Glue Stick


Many people get overwhelmed by the idea of a scrapbook, not knowing where to start. I always approach scrapbooks from a “less is more” approach. Some pages can simply have one picture, for example. The idea is to be creative and capture your memories in a way that allows you to look back on them with one goal in mind…remembering that special moment. You don’t have to load each page with “stuff”. In fact too much “stuff” can take away from a scrapbook if there is too many places for the eye to wander.

For this scrapbook, I started by sliding all the scrapbook papers into the scrapbook itself, so that I could evenly balance some of the colors. The pages I chose were great because they were double sided!

Then, I printed all the photos I knew I wanted to use. I printed them through my P.C., choosing standard sizes but mixing them up, picking a few to print a bit smaller and a few a bit larger, so I could mix and match! After that, I printed small basic text “captions” to add some personalization and tell a “story”.

I then slid the photos into each of the pages as a first “draft” of what the scrapbook would look like, and shifted photos around until I was happy with the layout.

From there, the rest was easy! I glued down the photos and captions on each page and used the “Boy” themed stickers to hold down some of the photos and add fun phrases to each section.

The finished product:

Contact me if you would like any help getting ideas or getting started on a scrapbook!



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