John Deere Green

Through winding mountain roads, across a few bridges, down a long dirt path, then up a narrow gravel trail lined with chickens and cows sits 100 acres of beautiful land and a place lovingly known as “the farm” by my nephews. Tucked away off the beaten path in Thorn Hill, TN is where we were fortunate enough to spend a day with our family this weekend.

Away from city lights, we pulled into “the farm” late Saturday night to see thousands of stars in the beautiful sky. Away from internet and cell phone signals I skipped my typical “Facebook” check in before bed and instead settled for a little bit of quality time with my book.  

My brother-in-law and father-in-law were up around 6am Saturday morning to go turkey hunting. Upon their return, we ate homemade biscuits and gravy for breakfast, then spent the day riding the 4-wheeler, watching my brother-in-law change the battery for the deer corn feeder, and running through fields chasing our nephews and around old barns where I took as many photos as I could.

For anyone looking to “unplug” and enjoy the great outdoors, I highly recommend a little “John Deere Green” out on “the farm”!



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