Cooking Up Some Love for Mother’s Day


My mom means everything to me. She has been through a lot in her life to make sure that my sister and I have everything we need. When my husband and I decided to move to Georgia, it wasn’t easy for me to think about a world where I couldn’t hop in a car and see my mom anytime I wanted. But I knew that God had a plan and somehow I would adjust and learn how to be away from my family yet still keep them close at heart.

A few months after we moved here, my mom drove down from Ohio to stay with us for a weekend. We spent our days by the pool chatting and our evenings checking out local restaurants/places that Travis and I were learning to enjoy, so we could share our new life with her.

After my mom returned home she kept telling me how much she loved the area we moved to in Georgia and how she could really see herself living there. My sister was graduating from college and would soon be out on her own with her first job, so she felt this might be a good time for her to make a change. A few months later, she made the move. Ironically, the company she worked for had a branch office located in the town we live in, so she was able to take a transfer.

I feel so fortunate to have my mother down here in Georgia with me. No matter how old or how independent I become, I will always need and love my mother.  And, someday when I have children of my own, I will be so grateful that my mother can be in their lives too.

Because of my special relationship with my mom, mother’s day is always near and dear to my heart.

If your family is anything like mine, you tend to express love through food. Every holiday, birthday or major event involves large plates of everything from ham to coleslaw, mashed potatoes to mac and cheese, green beans to deviled eggs. And, we never forget dessert! Cakes, pies, cookies and everything in between always line the tables, ready for everyone to jump in.

So it was no surprise to mom that I chose to honor her this Mother’s Day by cooking a yummy meal and baking something sweet to enjoy afterwards!

Travis, my mom and I went to church together this morning, then we told her to come over later in the day for an early dinner. When she arrived, she found a chair at the dinner table with a single Happy Mother’s Day balloon tied to it (no one is ever too old for balloons no matter they say), along with some gifts ready for her to open.

We enjoyed a dinner of filet mignon cooked on the grill, baked potatoes, dinner rolls and some fresh fruit. Then, mom opened her gifts from my sister Mandy, Travis and I (laptop bags for her netbook and laptop).

After dinner, it was time to enjoy homemade cupcakes with pink frosting to celebrate mom!

It was a wonderful day and I feel truly blessed. Love you momma!!!



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