Photography Session Preview: The Betts Family

I first met Julie Betts through work. I knew from the moment we started chatting that we would be great friends. We share similar interests and have similar personalities. As I’ve gotten to know her more, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn all about her wonderful husband Herb and her adorable son Alexander.

When I mentioned that I’m taking on a new hobby with photography and I always want practice, Julie offered to let me take some photos of her family!

We had a great time today chasing Alexander around and capturing smiles. Alexander is one of those kids that looks like he should be in a Gerber commercial or on the cover of a magazine. His bright blue eyes and adorable haircut are absolutely precious. And, he took a special liking to “Mr. Travis” and hugged his leg from time to time…too cute!!

This family is beautiful. Thank you Julie, Herb and Alexander for sharing your day with Travis and me so I could get some more practice with my camera!

Here are a few photos from their session. I’ll have all photos up on Facebook soon!



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