Photography Session Preview: My Nephews: Connor and Rylan May 21, 2011

My favorite part about going back to Ohio is seeing family. Travis and I love our nephews Connor and Rylan and it’s always an adventure when we get to visit with them! This weekend we met up with them to snap a few photos in their adorable matching outfits.

The tricky part about taking Connor and Rylan’s photos is getting them to smile at just the right moment. How do you make Connor smile? Ask him about a Bluegill, Catfish or Large Mouth Bass and watch his face light up! How do you make Rylan smile? Use the ol’ reverse psychology method of “Don’t you smile…don’t you do it…don’t you DARE smile…” and BAM! Huge grin!!

Even though our visit was short and sweet, it always makes me so happy to get to see them. We love our family very much and it was a wonderful to spend some time on a beautiful Saturday morning taking their photos, chasing them through the grass and watching them feed the ducks on the lake.

Below are a few photos from their session. I’ll have the full gallery up on Facebook soon. Be sure to hit “Like” on the CandidlyKate Facebook page by clicking the badge towards the top right of this page. By “Liking” my page, you’ll be able to see when new photos are posted. You can also find contact information and the latest news around my photography!


Rylan and Connor


Thank you Donna, Wayne, Devon, Connor and Rylan for spending the morning with Travis and I. We really enjoyed seeing you all and I can’t wait for you to see all the photos. We love you!
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