When Best Friends Come to Visit

Best friends. We all have them. They are the friends that make you laugh so hard your face hurts and cry so hard your stomach hurts. They are the ones you can call at 3AM when you just need someone to talk to…the ones that know you better than yourself most days, and the ones that would do anything for you.

Laura and Brett are those friends for Travis and I.

The hardest part of moving away from Ohio was leaving friends and family behind. I soon found how much I missed calling up Laura to decide which day we would meet for our weekly cup of coffee after work. Those meetings would end up lasting hours as we sat in the coffee shop near the window, chatting about our day, the latest gossip, and helping one another through all the life struggles everyone goes through…our depression over how much we missed college and being roommates, how to deal with transitioning into the corporate world with our first jobs, engagements, where to live, what to do, how to plan our weddings and what we could plan for the upcoming weekend together with our hubbys. I realize now that I took those moments for granted. I didn’t truly know how much they meant to me until I couldn’t have them anymore. Although not nearly as quaint and charming as coffee dates, Travis and Brett would spend hours playing video games together, catching a movie or just hanging out and I know Travis misses Brett in just the same way I miss Laura. Guys just don’t go around “talking” about that “emotional” stuff. It’s ok though, I know under every tough guy layer is a softie.

Being 8 hours apart from one another, we rely on planning weekends throughout the year that the four of us can get together. While I travel back to Ohio from time to time, it’s much tougher for Travis with his schedule. So it’s great when our friends and family can make the trip down South instead. We were so excited to find that Laura and Brett were able to come down to Atlanta for a visit over Memorial Day weekend!

We spent a day by the pool and the rest of the time we did what we do best: eat and drink. We showed them all our favorite restaurants, introduced them to our friends and shared our little corner of Georgia. My favorite moment though, was pulling out my tripod and taking a couple of shots of the group in Downtown Buford. Christy Martin, my dear friend and amazing professional photographer, took my family photos in the neatest little alleyway and I wanted to take my best friends back to that spot and take a few shots.


So here’s to the clank of glasses we toasted to over some great meals, the smell of sun tan lotion as we hung out by the pool and the sound of laughter that had to have been echoing throughout our neighborhood into the late night as we sat up chatting and reminicing. I will cherish every memory with you all and look forward to many more!!



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