Made for Each Other: Josh and Amy

I first met my good friend Josh about 10 years ago, when I started dating Travis. Travis and Josh knew each other from high school and we all hung out in a group of friends that spent nearly every weekend together. From the very beginning, Josh and I got along great. We always ended up laughing so hard at each other we would end up in tears!

Josh and I became even better friends when we spent a year as roommates in college at Ohio University. We spent most nights watching movies (that we rented from the famous “Movie Gallery” video rental store) because we chose to skip getting cable to save money. We would order delivery from all our favorite places in Athens, including D.P. Dough, Jimmy John’s and Papa John’s. On “Taco Tuesdays” we would go to Taco John’s and get cheap tacos in the drive through. (Wow, I just realized how many restaurants use “John” in their name…weird).

When we weren’t eating or watching movies, I was usually hiding away in my room studying. Occasionally Josh would yell from the other room and ask me questions about whether or not he should do his homework, how to write an essay and whether I thought he should go to his final exam or not (um, yes!??).

On weekends, Travis would often come to visit or we would take trips back to Dayton together. Travis, Josh and I always had a ton of fun together. It always felt like we were the 3 stooges causing trouble wherever we went.

Even after Josh transferred to another school and we all lived in different cities for a little while, we still remained friends. We were very proud to have Josh in our wedding too! Whenever we had the chance to get together, it felt as if time had never passed.

We all started down our “paths” in life and Josh’s path led him to Amy. Amy is a perfect match for Josh. I can tell they have a lot of fun together and balance each other out. Josh is always so happy when he talks about her and I know they were brought into each other’s lives for a reason…they were made for each other.

When we found out they were engaged, we were so happy for them! And, when Josh asked Travis to be in his wedding, of course he said “yes!”.  So, on May 21, 2011, Travis and I attended their wedding in Cincinnati, OH. It was a wonderful weekend too, between the rehearsal dinner, the wedding and the reception. I took lots of photos, but below are a few highlights.

Congratulations Josh and Amy! We love you and wish you lifelong happiness! 



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