Our 3 Year Anniversary: A Little Bit of Buckhead

When it comes to keeping surprises, Travis is horrible at it! He plans things or gets gifts for me and just keeps saying things like: “But I want to tell you about it!!” or “Do you want to open your gift early?!!?” I always tell him to just shut up and change the subject so I don’t spoil anything.

This time was different. Tomorrow, June 21, 2011, Travis and I will celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary, and since this past weekend was the closest weekend to our special day, Travis planned a fun little overnight trip for us and did an excellent job of keeping it a secret! I had no clue what to expect and everything was wonderful!

Apparently the planning started around April when he found a great LivingSocial package for a nice hotel in Buckhead. He planned an evening at the hotel and lots of little surprises along the way.

On Saturday, Travis left work early and told me to pack a bag. We then got in the car, and about 30 minutes later, arrived at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta, in Buckhead, GA. When I walked into the Hotel I immediately loved it. It was gorgeous. My favorite feature was this beautiful sitting room that included these large grand pillars with blue and cream stripes running down them with sparkling chandeliers throughout the room (I have a picture of a part of that room that I’ll be posting in my online photo albums from the weekend).

After we checked in, Travis told me we were walking to lunch. We walked about a block from our hotel and, after a brief stop to ask for directions, we arrived at the AMC Fork and Screen . It was the neatest place! We got to sit at a table for two, with comfy reclining chairs and enjoy lunch while watching The Hangover Part II (which was HILARIOUS by the way, but only if you like that kind of humor!).

After lunch and the movie, we hung out at our hotel. I got to check out the AMAZING view from the balcony outside our suite on the 18th floor! I snapped a few photos before a large thunderstorm rolled in, then we got ready for dinner. Just when we were about to head out, we heard a knock at the door. When Travis opened it, a room service attendant rolled in a plate of chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne! They were very yummy!!!

After a glass of champagne, we decided to make dinner nice and simple so we walked across the street from our hotel, over to Buckhead Pizza (one of my favorite pizza places) and listened to a Jazz Band play while we shared great food!

Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast in the beautiful restaurant at the hotel, and sat near the windows that overlooked a beautiful Japanese Garden with waterfalls.

After breakfast, we checked out of our hotel and Travis then took me to the Atlanta Botanical GardenNote: Do not take a photographer to a garden full of beautiful flowers, plants and water features…it will end up taking you double the time to see everything…Travis learned that the hard way. :) I will have all of my photos from the Botanical Garden online soon as well, but here were a couple of my favorites:

I had a wonderful time and I feel so fortunate to be married to such a wonderful man. At one point in the weekend I asked Travis what his favorite part of our past 3 years together has been and he said “Finding a Church and Small Group that we have enjoyed so much together”. We chatted about how much our move to Georgia has been life changing both for each of us individually and together as a couple. We are stronger, happier and more filled with Faith than we have ever been in our lives and we both feel so very blessed.

My cup runneth over.



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