A Weekend Full of Waterfalls and Wine

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not the most “outdoorsy” person. I don’t hike, I don’t camp, I don’t fish, I don’t sit on my back deck until at least October when the temperature cools down and I definitely don’t walk the dog any further down the street than absolutely necessary. I enjoy my laptop, a good book and editing photos…all in the comfort of my air-conditioned home.

Given these character traits, last weekend was a bit different from my normal routine. When my dad and step-mom, Michelle, came to visit from Ohio they kept me (and Layla) quite busy! :)

My dad and Michelle flew in Thursday evening and we picked them up from the airport then headed to Taco Mac (of course) for dinner. After that, everyone was tired so we went right to bed. Friday soon arrived…


Friday morning the adventures began! Travis headed off to work and dad, Michelle, Layla and I all went over to Bogan Park around 8am for a morning jog. We all ended up drenched in sweat from the heat and Layla’s tongue was so far out of her mouth from panting that it almost hit the ground, ha ha. But, we got to enjoy a beautiful morning outside and burn  off some calories that had piled up from dinner the night before!

Miss Layla was pretty worn out after her morning jog!

The next adventure of the day was driving into Lake Lanier Park and walking down to a little beach area to look at the water.

After walking around a bit, then driving around the Lake for a while, we headed over to Chateau Elan. We enjoyed lunch at Paddy’s Irish Pub then went over to the main building for a tour of the winery followed by wine tasting.


Saturday morning dad, Michelle, and Layla went for a run, but this time I stayed home and enjoyed my coffee and laptop time. Once they returned, I took dad and Michelle to downtown Buford, GA and Suwanee, GA to show them around a bit. We then had lunch at Firesalt Tavern. Later in the evening, after Travis returned home from work, we all went to Toasted and Tapped, one of our favorite restaurants, for dinner. I found the same waitress there that we had last time, that is studying photography, and asked her to take our photo again! After dinner, we walked around outside nearby, in Flowery Branch, GA, and took a few photos for fun.


On Sunday, we all went to 12Stone Church together in the morning, enjoyed breakfast at Sugar Hill Diner afterwards, then drove about an hour and 15 minutes to Dawsonville, GA, out to Amicalola Falls. We spent the afternoon hiking up to the base of the waterfall (and goodness that wore me out…175 steps plus a bit of up hill walking), then driving up to the very top (to continue hiking would be over 600 stairs to the top!!). I was so excited to take photos though and it made the hike worth it!! I have been reading and studying how to photograph waterfalls so I brought along my tripod and was able to grab a couple great shots.

Dad and Michelle flew back to Ohio on Monday afternoon. After dropping them off at the airport, I came home, threw on some comfy clothes, hopped in my bed, with Layla right beside me, and we both slept for about 3 hours. :)

Even though we were exhausted we definitely had a fun weekend being in the great outdoors and showing dad and Michelle all our favorite places. Layla even enjoyed all the extra walks and exercise!

Thanks for visiting dad and Michelle! I hope y’all had a great time and we look forward to your next visit! I’ll be sure to do some pre-training conditioning first. ;)


**Check out my entire album of photos from this weekend adventure.**



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