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It’s no secret that I carry my camera everywhere. I honestly never really plan out what I’ll end up taking photos of but I knew with our weekend back to Ohio and Abby getting to meet lots of family and friends, there would be LOTS of photo ops.

During the celebration for my grandfather’s 80th birthday, we pulled some of my family outside for some photos. It is rare that we get all my aunts and uncles, my mom, and my grandparents together in one place. Everyone lives in different city or states now, so it is so wonderful when everyone has a bit of time together!

I’ll have a full album up on Facebook soon with all these photos, but below were my favorite.

Here are my grandparents with their 5 children.  As you have probably already figured out, I prefer CANDID shots, so I kept shooting between the moments when everyone was looking at me. There is nothing more genuine than brothers and sisters laughing hysterically at each other with their parents. They ended up looking right into the sun so there is lots of squinting in these first couple. :)

And, of course, we have been wanting to get a “4 Generations” photo with my grandmother, my mom, me and Abby:

And here are my aunts, my grandma,  and my mom with Abby:

And my beautiful grandparents with their first great-grand baby!

It was so wonderful seeing everyone together again, even if it was just for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon!



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