Photography Session Preview: Emily, Stephen and Baby Dave

Emily is one of those friends in my life that I know I can call and we can pick up RIGHT where we left off from when we last chatted. Throughout the years, whether we go months or weeks without chatting or texting, I always know we will have lots of fun catching up. We have been friends since 7th grade and I know we will continue to be friends for life.

I have some very fond memories of Emily over the years…

We took French class together in high school and when the movie “Chocolat” came out, her dad took us to see it and bought us Hersey’s chocolate bars and we were so excited!

After high school and college, we re-connected back in our hometown. When my husband and I knew we were moving to Atlanta, I will never forget the moment we told Emily. She was sitting in our family room and she just looked at me and yelled “Noooooooooo!” and I started to respond saying  “It will be fine, don’t worry…” to which Emily responded (er, interrupted me) with “Wait, I’m not done yet….Noooooooo!!!”.  She had us both cracking up at the time, but we knew it would be very tough leaving one of our best friends. At our going away party in Ohio, Emily’s gift included a Hersey’s chocolate bar which of course made me cry as I remembered our movie day.

When I found out Emily was expecting a little bundle of joy I was SO EXCITED for her! We were pregnant at the same time and checked in on each other occasionally to see how each other was doing.

Finally, last weekend, during our trip to Ohio, I got to meet her cutie pie baby boy…little Dave! He is 6 months old and ADORABLE. Check out Emily and her absolutely perfect family!

Thank you Emily, Stephen and Dave for letting me be a part of capturing your beautiful family!

Stay tuned to my CandidlyKate Photography Facebook Page to see the full album soon!



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