Photography Session Preview: Baby Veronica!

I first met  Christina back in 2007 when I started working for NCR.  When she interviewed me she was just days away from giving birth to her second child, Luci. She was getting ready to go on maternity leave and needed someone hired right away! I started about a week later and the rest is history. From the moment we met, I knew we had a lot in common.

Over the years our working relationship has grown into a friendship and I immediately fell in love with her kiddies. I met her oldest daughter Courtney back in Ohio and knew she was the sweetest girl right away. She always gives me a big hug and talks with me about her day. She’s great as the oldest sister! I was also around when she had her second daughter Luci (the reason she had to go on maternity leave right after I started work). I’m convinced Luci is a full-grown adult stuck in a little girl’s body…always coming up with the most entertaining things to say and do.  She cracks me up and keeps me on my toes for sure! Then there is little Eli, the only boy! I’ll never forget the day Christina shared the news that she was expecting her third, little Eli. I was thinking “Wow, 3 kiddos!” He has been such a sweet addition to their family, and with his big grin and lovable personality, it is impossible not to adore him. I know daddy was happy to finally have another man of the house too! :)

Then there were four! When Christina shared the news that she was expecting her fourth little one, I almost fell off my chair, ha ha! It was so exciting though, and now I can see this family is so happy to have another girl to brighten their lives. This latest addition to Christina and Mike’s family is little Veronica. She is absolutely precious and I am so excited to see how her personality will start to shine as she grows up with such loving brothers and sisters and mom and dad!

When I headed over to Christina and Mike’s house to take a few photos of little Ronnie, I knew it was important to let Courtney, Luci and Eli feel like a very special part of the celebration. So, just like any good big sisters and brother would do, they were willing and ready to be my “assistants”.

Courtney was in charge of outfit changes.

Luci was in charge of holding the hair bow for when we needed it.

Eli, Courtney and Luci were all very important helpers in warming up the blanket for Ronnie before we gently placed her on it.

I could not have done it without them! ;)

Of course, I had to test my camera too, so they were extra helpful by smiling and posing for a few practice shots!

After everything was all set, it was time to photograph little Ronnie. Here are a couple sneak peeks. I’ll have the full album on my Facebook Page soon.

Congratulations Christina, Mike, Courtney, Luci and Eli! I can’t wait to come over again soon for dinner and lots of laughs!



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