Daddy Daughter Time

Abigail adores her daddy. It’s the kind of adoration that brings about giggles and grins from her little face daily. I watch them grow closer each day as daddy changes her diapers, feeds her all her meals, puts her down for naps and takes her out for little adventures to run errands. As much as I would love to be a stay-at-home mom, right now, for our family,  Travis is “Mr. Mom”  day in and day out, and he is doing a great job in that role. What I love most about their relationship is how much Travis enjoys spending time with his little girl, especially when it involves soccer.

It was probably about five seconds after Abigail started walking that daddy bought her a soccer ball. She immediately took to it. She knew right away how to kick it and move with it. While I think about the future and see ballet slippers or tap shoes on her little feet, daddy sees cleats and shin guards. :)

For Father’s Day this year I wanted to do something special to show Travis how much he means to Abigail and me. His love of soccer and recent opportunity to coach over the past year gave me an idea. I ordered him a tshirt that says “Coach Travis” on the front, and his high school number, 20, on the back. I also ordered the smallest size they offered, for Abigail, with the words “Future Soccer Star” on the front, and daddy’s number on the back (only in pink…she is a cutie pie little girl after all!).

Travis’ gift went beyond the tshirts. A note was included, explaining that I’d like to take some “Daddy/Daughter” photos at the park, with them in their shirts and doing what they love, playing soccer. So, we ventured out to the park and let Miss Abigail run and enjoy time with daddy and her soccer ball.

As you can see, Abigail is always MOVING, which makes daddy’s job quite exhausting! :)



We love you daddy! Happy Father’s Day!


Kate and Abigail <3

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