Break the Rules

The one thing I’ve learned as a first time mom is how critical a routine is. Without it, mommy, daddy and  baby can end up miserable. So, that’s how we are with Abigail most of the time.  As much as we stick to a good routine when we can, however, sometimes you just have to break the rules.

Last night we couldn’t keep Abigail away from running around the park as well as through the sprinklers. So, even though it was getting very close to her bedtime and we had no towel or swim diapers with us, we let her run around as much as she wanted to and the joy on her face made it all worth it!

Here are a few photos from her fun adventurous evening…


So here is my tip: Every now and then, break the rules! Let your kids stay up past their bedtime for a special night out, let them have an an extra cookie, allow them play in the dirt or splash in a puddle. The wet clothes, wet diaper and grumpy baby on the car ride home was WELL worth all the smiles and fun our little Abigail had yesterday.

Clothes can be washed, kids can be bathed, sleep can be caught up on. Kids are only kids for a small time and they deserve all the joy and happiness that childhood offers.

“Life must be lived as PLAY.”




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