Take Time to Color

I work…a lot. Between my full time job and my photography business, I’m usually tied to my laptop, tablet or cell phone, keeping up with everything. Being a busy, working mom doesn’t mean I don’t prioritize though. Balance is very important to me and I ALWAYS make time for my family.

What I love most about the holidays is being able to take some much needed time off from work. This year I’ve enjoyed some one-on-one time with my daughter, Abigail. My husband is with her full time during the week while I work, so getting this time with her has been absolutely invaluable to me. We’ve shared lots of cuddles, cartoons, giggles and random dance parties in the kitchen.

Today was especially fun and full of memories I will cherish forever.

Abigail’s Grandma O’Connor gave her a really fun Sesame Street coloring and activity book for Christmas. So, this afternoon, I leaned down to Abby’s level while she was busy causing some toddler trouble, scooped her up and said “Hello Miss Busy, would you like to color with mommy?” Her face lit up. I pulled the book onto the family room floor, brought out the crayons and watched her have an absolute BLAST scribbling on the pages. I picked up a crayon and began filling in the pages as well. We pointed to all the characters and things on the page and she repeated the words with me and scooted as close to me as she could. More than once, little Abby leaned over and gave me a kiss between scribbles, or reached up for a hug. When I would walk into the kitchen for a minute, I would hear her little voice from the family room say “Mommy?? Color??”, her way of asking me to come back right away to join her. It warmed my heart.

It’s moments like these that I am determined NOT to miss, NOT to let fly by and to NEVER forget.

As you write up your New Year’s resolutions I encourage you to add this one to your list: Take time to color.

Of course, the meaning behind that statement is to take time to do anything special to you and your family. Life is hard. It’s tiring, stressful, busy and chaotic. But, the moments you spend slowing down and spending time with the ones you love are the moments you will look back on for years to come. You won’t remember emails, meetings or phone calls for work nearly as much as you’ll remember those sweet hugs and smiles from your child.








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