It’s All About WHO You Work With

Last August, I took a new position at my company. I was nervous. I wasn’t sure I could do it. I was terrified to leave the only type of job I’ve ever known to try something new where I would have to step outside my comfort zone. But, I quickly reminded myself of one of my favorite quotes:

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

So, I jumped in. And, you want to know the BEST PART about my new role? THE PEOPLE! I am part of an awesome team. And, you know what we call awesome people at NCR? We call them iNCRedibles!

So, when they asked if I could take a few quick headshots for them one day while we were at the office, I said “OF COURSE!”

Meet my iNCRedible colleagues.


My manager: Wendy
She is our fearless, amazing leader! She is smart, a life-long learner and I grow so much every day simply by listening to the knowledge she has gathered and shares with us. She is always encouraging us to grow and learn new skills. She gives our team flexibility, empowerment and wonderful leadership.


My colleague: Nilson
He is the most fun, laid back person that helps balance my Type A personality and keeps us laughing. He makes sure the wheels stay moving for all our programs. He also ALWAYS makes me take the stairs instead of the elevator at work…it’s for my own good even if I whine about it. ;)


My colleague: Kevin
He is our creative genius, our storyteller and our motivator. He helps us build our brand for everything we do, keeps us excited about our programs and always has a unique way of presenting ideas and information. He helps us construct a personality for ourselves, our roles and our daily work. When he speaks, you can’t help but feel inspired!


It’s all about WHO you work with and I am PROUD to be part of this team! Not only are they great looking people, they are awesome collaborators and friends.



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