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This past Sunday was quite a yucky December day. I had a session planned with the Stansifer Family and was bummed to see the forecast: CLOUDY. COLD. RAINY. I watched the weather app on my phone most of the day. The rain held off until…30 minutes before our session. I was bummed! I was so worried we’d have to cancel. But, luckily everyone was up for a challenge and ready to get creative! We found some cool spots at the location we chose and were able to stay dry (for the most part) despite the cold rain falling all around us.

These boys made this session SO FUN. They brought their favorite stuffed animals (I LOVE personal touches in photos) and were so easy to photograph. We chatted about Santa, who is the most ticklish and what kind of stuff makes them giggle at each other. I can tell this whole family has a very special bond.

Enjoy this sneak peek of this fun family that braved the crazy weather and did an awesome job during our session!







Thank you, Stansifer family, for being so flexible and jumping right in during our session despite the cold weather. You were troopers and I had so much fun!




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